AVID Patchkabel, Mini-DigiLink(M) / Mini-DigiLink(M), 50ft.

229,00 €*

Hersteller: AVID
Produktinformationen "AVID Patchkabel, Mini-DigiLink(M) / Mini-DigiLink(M), 50ft."

DigiLink cables are designed to connect an HD I/O peripheral (such as 192 I/O or 96 I/O) to an HD PCI card, or an HD I/O to another HD I/O, as two HD I/O's can be chained together (this makes for a single, clean DigiLink connection between multiple I/O's and the CPU). One 12 foot DigiLink cable is included with an HD core purchase (for connection of the I/O to the CPU), and one 1.5 foot cable is included with each HD I/O (for chaining multiple I/O units together). Purchased separately, longer DigiLink cables - 25', 50' and 100'* - are useful for environments in which isolating machine noise-generating CPUs is an issue.

DigiLink 100' does not support sample rates above 96 kHz.

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