Amtec MIP-5A Microphone Preamp

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Hersteller: Amtec
Produktinformationen "Amtec MIP-5A Microphone Preamp"

The MIP-5A is a microphone preamp that is a 500 version of our old prototype micpre that worked like a charm.
Transformer-balanced input and output, fully discrete class-A amplification. The topology is unique, no typical DOA.

All controls are self-explanatory apart from maybe the OUTPUT PAD switch which reduces the output level by 6dB using the output transfomer (to help enjoy the MIP-5A's distortion) and the WOOL switch which changes the transfer function for certain parts of the frequency spectrum and makes the overload characteristics very smooth and gentle. The clipping distortion sounds quite dark. When the WOOL function is deactivated the overload is conventionally bright and buzzy.

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