Vovox link protect S Klinke Stereo - Klinke Stereo 350 cm (6.1019)

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Hersteller: VOVOX
Produktinformationen "Vovox link protect S Klinke Stereo - Klinke Stereo 350 cm (6.1019)"

Shielded, balanced sound conductor with optimal noise protection. Offers optimal sound quality for situations in which absolutely no risk of interference can be taken, like live-recording or use on stage. For recordings under good conditions (e.g. in a recording or mastering studio) with little risk of interference, we suggest to use the non-shielded VOVOX®link direct S or the even superior VOVOX®sonorus direct S.


  • length 350 cm
  • balanced TRS phone plugs at both ends
  • single solid-core conductors for signal and ground
  • silver-plated, oxygen-free copper conductors
  • pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers
  • shielded
  • 1/4" TRS phone plugs from VOVOX with copper tip contact
  • Handmade in Switzerland


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